Being new to using WordPress, I am on a bit of a steep learning curve.  My desire, as you can probably infer by the way my blog is set up with the different pages, is to be able to specifically post to the different pages depending upon the content/theme of the post. Until I can either become more skillful at utilizing CSS codes, etc… or breakdown and pay someone to take care of this for me, I am employing a bit of a workaround.

On my home page you will notice a Categories widget on the side bar to the right (with names that correspond to the title name of each of my pages). This is where you’ll be able to find my latest page specific post. You will also notice a Recent Posts widget. Another way to follow along. Hope this makes sense to my followers.

If any of you more skillful WordPress users can give me some pointers on how to get my site set up the way I desire (without expending an inordinate amount of time!), I would be most appreciative  🙂

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