My Story

I sold my house in the suburbs this past summer and moved into a chateau… a 32’ Thor Chateau motorhome that is.  Fulfilling a long held desire to travel about (and get the heck out of the suburbs!) this is also an opportunity to delve deeper into the many facets and cultures that exist here in North America.  With a background in psychology and religion, along with a never-ending sense of curiosity, this will allow me to play cultural anthropologist along with providing the time necessary for writing and continued development of my photography skills.

This website will be one way to stay connected with all the friends and family back home as well as post photos and write about the adventure.  You can contact me via email:

I hope you’ll come back often and visit!

2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Leigh, you are living my dream! I actually have a working itinerary that keeps adding new places. I’m sooooooo excited for you and want to hear everything, okay? Enjoy.

  2. Leigh, we sort of did a similar thing. Retired, quit our job and obtained a 36 foot Monaco. Not full timers (yet, can’t talk Janice into it.) but enjoy getting away and seeing this lovely SW part of our great land. You need to come west during your journey… we know some great RV spots.

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