Wondering about the hummingbirds present throughout my blog?hummingbird Web LOGO point left

I’ve selected the hummingbird as a visual reminder of the way I choose to live my life both personally and in working with others. Native to North, South and Central America, hummingbirds have been referred to as New World birds and as might be expected have become associated with a number of symbolic and cultural meanings throughout the centuries.

With love, peace and joy in life as a common thread, the hummingbird is seen as adaptable and resilient due to its ability to tirelessly fly great distances relative to its physical size.

The hummingbird also carries with it the spiritual significance of resurrection. This comes as a result of the hibernation-like state it goes into at night only to return to life in the morning continuing its work of flitting from one nectar-filled flower to another spreading new life in its wake.

The hummingbird as a symbol can inspire us in many ways. To love and enjoy the sweetness of life; to remain persistent in pursuing our life passions; and to take comfort in knowing that not only can we be a part of bringing new life to others, it also awaits us at every turn.

Peace,  Leigh+

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