Here’s a go at my first ‘real’ poem.

A rowboat her bed, the sun’s rays warming
Gentle breezes cool,  bringing distant sounds.
     Sounds that comfort and calm
Whistling train meanders, church bells toll.
Birds sing out claim and invitation.
     Asking for no reply
Listening is enough for her

Unhurried in its call,
The river barge lumbers along
     leaving only mystery in its wake
Sailboats slink nonchalantly
     under the watchful eye of a drifting cloud
The seaplane skims the glassy surface hoping for its point of connection
Patience is enough for her

Velvety Cabernet swirls about lovingly
     soothing her tongue, awakening memories.
The campfire crackles and spits,
     smoky wood burning,
     wafting up to the starlit sky
Lost in thoughts
     yet connected with the beauty that surrounds.
Lying in bed, children in arms, a new day calling
Remembering is enough for her

Resistance is no more
     as the dress drops slowly to the floor
    before stepping into her lover’s embrace.
Sinking into the cool feel of the worn leather chair,
     embers glow with the promise of warmth
And the river waters wash along
     gently caressing each encounter
Loving is enough for her

Rocking slowly on the porch
     the creaking wood cries out for relief
Barely a sound the screen door opens
     silently as stars appearing in the night sky.
The promise enters
All is right in the midst of all the wrongs

Being is enough for her

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